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“Spectacle of Spectacles”

Annette Young

My Spectacles watched me seek for them
lowered their head with mine.
A clear silhouette of every
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“Elegy for the ‘Mule’ ”

Stephen Barile

No idea where it came from,
The pipe-threading lathe
Just presented itself
On the job when it was needed.
From the truck and tools,
We rested the Mule near the alley
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“My Near-Death Experience”

Kathleen Holliday

As near-death experiences go,
it was one of the best.
What more is there to tell?
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“So Far”

Julie Benesh

We’re on our last legs, and the legs are last to go;
the best metaphors die young, reborn as cliches.
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Lumina Miller

Picking at the bones,
they feed from residual
ligaments left
post quiet carving

began with disinterest
proceeding to tsks tsks then
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“The Winters of the Sun”

Lawrence Bridges

Like a title that keys no theme
Except an atmosphere, I slip into my clothes.
A doorknob, a checklist, a podcast
On an unsolved murder.
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“Crisp the Surface”

J. Parker Marvin

Shards of invention over
crisp dirt :: secreted
mouths whisper about
union and definitions :: small
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“Where are Tolkien’s Ents?”

Deborah Filanowski

There is an army of ghost trees ringing the coastlines of the world.
Once verdant, evidence of a healthy environment,
now leafless, bleached white in death,
phantoms of the forest that once was.
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“Touring the Forest” and “Leaning Over the Rails”

Jennifer Phillips

This will help you to remember
what a forest was. This one, North Temperate.
Might have been where we are standing.
Here, adjust the strap
around your forehead, rest this over
the bridge of your nose. Click the button.
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“Earth Cries and the Oceans Catch the Tears,” “Reservoir No More,” and “Summer — Memory or Prophecy?”

Russell Willis

Each corner of a globe
With no corners
Born of the sea as
Liquid or solid
In dances with humans
And dances between humans
Fear and hope meet in their own dance
As the earth cries
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“Brood X”

Marie-Louise Eyres

Each insect turns a fraction on its axis, a cocooned child shifting in a half-sleep,
oblivious beyond cool mud to flames of wildfires as they streak across the hills
of Paradise.
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“something small has died”

Patricia Franz

when they’re born…
they g r o w
they m o v e
crawl and
c a
l v
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“With Love, I Fall”

Mary Beth Keenan

Looking deep into my child’s eyes,
I see both my ancestors and
my descendants, I fall
into a meditation about Mother Earth…
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“Home, Sick”

Robert Eugene Rubino

Zero degrees outside while cozy warm inside
Mother opens apartment’s bedroom window
reels in creaky clothesline of dried laundry
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“I Need Yesterdays” and “If Only to Look”

Samuel Gilpin

reprieve thickening
in threatening
the still winter light
encrusted as a high
gray sky in thickness
turning in another silence
as in the waiting