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“A Priori,” “Signs of Something,” “Zero-Sum”

Julie Benesh

The first time I saw St. Peter’s
magnificent marble and lack of time-
pieces, I dismayed my travel

partner with an obvious observation;
a trifling truism: that it reminded me of a casino
welcoming the hopeful riff-raff
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“Interval 213,” “Étude 46,” and “Étude 76”

Ray Malone

reaching across, hand into the blackberry bush,
a walk from where we were down to the sea,
a small bay, of pebbles & the incoming swell of the water,
listening for the rhythm, as if it might be the key to writing
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“Big Bang,” “Mother Tongue,” and “Rarity”

Raju Vegiraju

How can something
come out of nothing,
let alone the universe?

But that is what contemporary
theory of cosmology proclaims—
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“Shaped,” “Relay,” and “Speechless”

Susan Shea

Seeing blurred writing
on an abstract painting
brings me right back

to begging you to teach me
to read before I went to school
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“Your Clothes in Tatters,” “Into the Slow Air,” and “Current or Currently”

Samuel Gilpin

…skyward, lying on our backs listening for rainfall,
lying, we the ones of loitering, of settling into the longing for dreams to overtake us,
asking if anything could overtake us,
this overwhelming desire, this yearning for…
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“I Used to Love Christmas Movies,” “Friday Morning 2:00 am,” and “Chasing History”

Joanne Alfano

I have been watching White Christmas for 65 years so
tonight, the first film shot in VistaVision and Technicolor
rolls onto my tv screen; but the evening news, with far more
advanced tools, has begun to seep into my holiday films …