Lina Girgis

A writer of stories and poems, a painter with letters and hues, a reader of minds and books, and a listener to souls and melodies, Lina Girgis believes in changing lives through art. Egyptian by birth, Canadian by choice, Ms. Girgis has lived the two halves of her life so far on two continents, which creates the multiculturalism realistically reflected in her stories. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in the English language from Cairo, Lina Girgis treasures the English literature and admires the English Culture. In Calgary, she has recently completed a Professional Writing Certificate specialising in Marketing and Public Relations to satisfy her passion for writing while expanding her knowledge of marketing. Lina writes Egyptian poems, many of which were published in the biweekly Egyptian Canadian newspaper, Al-Ahram Elgdeed in 2010 and 2011. She has been writing English short stories since 2014