“Crisp the Surface”

“Crisp the Surface”

Crisp the Surface

Shards of invention over

crisp dirt :: secreted

mouths whisper about asexual

union and definitions :: small

stones liquided to the surface

fissure the darkness in

search of the darkness ::

footsteps register the slight

crunch of solid surrendering

to solid, then refuse

the difference in meaning :: nothing

and the wind are mistaken ::

grants into heaven as

if existence were more than

sunlight :: what

have we forgotten

by replacing the scriptural

desert with delusion

About the Author

J. Parker Marvin

J. Parker Marvin is currently a data analyst working in the semiconductor industry and lives in Saitama, Japan. Parker’s poems have been published most recently in Mantis Poetry, Levitate, and Second Factory. Parker’s collection Postlude to the End of is forthcoming in the Fall of 2024 from April Gloaming.

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