“Sophia’s Wisdom”


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

the moon will be like the sun

& the sun will be like the seven

who bind up our trauma

& mend the wounds inflicted by our flesh

is bashar  בשר    news

that we're free

to rest when we come to Me

we who are weary with story

forget that the burden is easy

as literal light from our flesh

we shall see

                                             said Let there be light

but the ignorance did not perceive the light
concealed in its twoness so night divided

zygotes in two then four then flesh to hide

the light inside this coat of skin we're in reveals

our helpmate for against us

whoever we're with wherever we are

whenever it is whatever we do is Eve

who interprets the dream of all living

of everyone of everything who

who never prevents us

however severe

the curse of birth

is to grieve

About the Author

Elder Gideon

Twice nominated for the 2023 Pushcart Prize, Elder Gideon, MFA, is the author of two poetry collections Gnostic Triptych and Aegis of Waves (Atmosphere Press) and co-author with Tau Malachi of Gnosis of Guadalupe (EPS Press, 2017). He is queer. His poems and sculptures have appeared in dozens of journals. He’s an alumnus of the 2022 Kenyon Review Summer Conference and the 2021 Community of Writers. A veteran English teacher-activist and faith leader of a mystical Christian tradition, Gideon lives to connect. Reach out to him @elder.gideon or eldergideon@gmail.com.