“Ophelia,” “Emotional Hangover” and “My Strength Test”

“Ophelia,” “Emotional Hangover” and “My Strength Test”
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It saddens me that I am nothing waiting to be something

Never established yet deeply rooted

Hard to remember impossible to forget

Crisp Midwestern autumn

Chilled New England nights

A southern summer whirlwind

that haunts and tugs and teases

It wakes me when the moon is high and the grass is damp and the pond is still

I daren’t forget

Oh woe is me Ophelia girl cries as she is pushed to the background

by how interesting they find her

They talk of her yet where is she

The river is graced with white flowers

and you forget the things that lay beneath the rippling surface

By the time you realize I’m gone you’ve already forgotten me

But I sit in the bottom of your heart and haunt and tug and tease

when the moon is high and the grass is damp and the pond is still

But in the dim light of reality

You never knew me at all

I am something yes

But not to you

Emotional Hangover

Today I feel numb

The end of storm that leaves nothing

wreckage in its wake

And it’s hard to feel when everything

Has poured out like a glass already half empty

But I can’t stop the thoughts in my head

And today my head hurts

My insides are rotting

And I want to throw up all the bad

But the bad is stuck to the sides of my brain

Old gum I can’t scrape off a table

I don’t think even she can change me

And her chapped lips taste metallic

But I kiss her anyways because I love her

My Strength Test

I wish you could feel what I feel

On the spectrum of absurdity

From such an obscene high to being here now

The strength test at a carnival

hitting the sledge hammer

And watching the ball slam into the bell

Watching the ball slam into me

when I had to leave

The way I felt when I somberly climbed out of the car

The wash of sadness that came over me when

I opened the door and stood in the suddenly too empty living room


Emotion filled my heart wanting to escape

But no tears came

Is it possible to be so full of empty

It choked me and left me feeling lost

All my happiness drove away with the car

I walked up to my room in the dark

Because I didn’t want to see the lonely hallway

The bare walls staring at me in sorrow as I dragged my feet

It’s a strength test

My cat greeted me on my bed

Unaware of all the things in my head

All the feelings in my heart

The sledge hammer hitting my heart

Over and over as I

lay down without someone next to me

And the bed felt cold

About the Author

H.B. Wayne

H.B. Wayne is a writer and poet residing in Southern Florida with her wife and two cats. She is currently working on her debut novel.

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