Photo by Laib Khaled on Unsplash

seen // unsent

it split my lip //                I will always be a little bit  in love with you too

just a  little bit // more and we would witness the shadows of

some sort of situation alienated // a surplus fairytale of a couple of normative years

I can’t help but wonder // when you sealed this tomb of worship

crinkled sheets and burnt coffee and the lies // piles of I am still reading that 

what spells of mine // would you leave behind

in the wooden drawer // right next to

where you slept  // where I screamed

all those nights  // when the last small death drawn together // becomes an omen

   Let’s be strangers once again 


for there there is no rest for the wicked

women //those crazy bitches never sleep //

for a lot can happen in one night //and the light of the first cherry dawn

sailing on the horizon whispers  // of your days in the sun

I can steer this ship // I have seen rougher waters //and lived

 your light falling through my cracks // was  an ocean burning

About the Author

Kate MacAlister

Writer, Social Justice Witch and biomedical scientist Kate MacAlister discovered the art of poetry as a healing ritual many years ago. Her poems conjure spell-binding images of intricate inner worlds and the struggles in our contorted society. She tells stories inspired by her work that have been published in various online literary journals and printed anthologies. Whether it is her work in the hospital or fighting the patriarchy: above all these are stories about human connection and the dreams of revolution.