“A Sestina for Turbulent Times”

“A Sestina for Turbulent Times”

Our kids march in the streets for Climate Change.

They’re chanting we are running out of time

disturbed by watching all the rising seas

from hurricanes, huge fires, torrential rains.

Their fears and tears give me a bit of hope

that our vast world will flourish when I’m gone.

They make me think of better years now gone

with pockets full of shiny, silver change,

fun summers up in Maine so full of hope,

songs around the campfire – such carefree times –

washing hair and dancing in the rain,

floating carefree in the cooling sea.

Remember too, adventures undersea

before the lovely reefs were mostly gone

and tribal dances brought forth needed rains,

when new ideas escalated change

These days I yearn for those idyllic times

so full of laughter, joy and endless hope.

Alas, today so many give up hope

especially in the swirl of raging seas

from daily fears of running out of time.

What will the world be like when we are gone,

if we have failed to bring on needed change

because atop our country evil reigns.

What can we do to pull back on the reins?

What can be done that might restore our hopes?

Every one of us must make a change.

The task is huge, it’s there for all to see.

Or all we love forever will be gone.

The Earth will sadly fade away in time.

Let’s heed this urgent call and take the time

to change our ways and bring back healing rains

before the beauty of our world is gone.

Thanks to our kids who march to give us hope.

They say it’s now or never, don’t you see.

Do the right thing, go forth and make the change.

When I am gone and it will be your time,

I wish for change that grabs a hold the reins.

This is my cry, a hope for all to see.

About the Author

Ada Jo Mann

After a long career in international development spanning the globe, Ada Jo Mann has turned her energies and talents to writing poetry. She is especially interested in playing with form such as the sestina, villanelle, sonnets, etc. and poems range from childhood memories to politics, nature and world travel.

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