“I Like Ike”

In Issue 32 by Robert Eugene Rubino

I Like Ike

(or A Real Old Person Talking Politics to an Imaginary Much Younger Person)

When I was your age

the subway cost fifteen cents

gas cost thirty-two cents a gallon

television was free

& so was Saturday confession

in preparation for Sunday communion

when I was your age

the Giants & Dodgers played home games in New York

& hockey goalies didn’t hide behind

scary-angry grotesque Marvelesque masks

& neither did elected & selected Republicans

because they were also republicans & reputable too

& the Republican/republican popular president

had been a five-star star

of a real reality show — the definitive blockbuster —

ratings went through the roof

it was called the D-Day invasion

& the bloody siege liberated Europe

from radical right-wing egomaniacal whack jobs.

When I was your age

(now don’t get me wrong we didn’t live in Utopia — no — far from it)

but hockey goalies didn’t wear masks

& elected & selected Republicans (while not exactly woke)

didn’t hide behind an antebellum anti-republic

bloody boorish bullying cult of personality dysfunction.

About the Author

Robert Eugene Rubino

Robert Eugene Rubino is a retired newspaper copy editor and columnist and a former adult literacy tutor who has published prose and poetry in various online and print journals. He's also the author of three collections, including "Douglas Knocks Out Tyson" (UnCollected Press).

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