Nathaniel Wander

Nathaniel Wander is an anthropologist and public health researcher retired from the University of Edinburgh in 2011. “An Anthropologist ‘Storms Heaven’” reflects on his earliest field ‘immersion’ in tropical America forty years earlier. As he concluded: “I’m not actually a moron, but I appear to have behaved like one on this occasion.” “An Anthropologist ‘Storms Heaven’” is extracted from a memoir-in-progress with the working title “You Are Here-X: Tales from the Evolution of an Anthropologist.” Two chapters—“Me and Margaret Mead against the World” and “Cars I Have Known … and Wrecked” have recently been published in Ponder Review and The Raven’s Perch respectively. A third, “Cowboys and Indians,” about his early days researching in West Bengal, is scheduled for July publication in Jaggery, an online magazine for people of the South Asian diaspora.