Ian Packham

I am an award-winning travel writer with contributions chosen for inclusion in two Bradt travel anthologies and in magazines including Adventure Travel and Sidetracked.

Rose-Tinted Spectacles

He yearned for the onset of winter, a real winter, a winter from his childhood in the Normandy countryside with snow and rain and wind so strong it threatened to steal away the tiles from the roofs and the very breath from your lungs. There was none of that here in the white city, the Algiers of the holiday posters and steam packet boat advertisements. Here there had been weeks
Short Story
Short Story Issue Nine

The glimmering surface of things

It is Alexandria during Ramadan, a year or so after the Egyptian revolution in 2011 and Mohamed Morsi is president. Political conflict threatens Egypt, but a different kind of trouble looms within a group of expats. Things don’t always glimmer.
Short Story
Short Story Issue Six