Estefania Acquaviva

I am a Junior at Villanova University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish Literature, with minors in Creative Writing and Business. Though I currently live in Key Biscayne, Florida, I grew up in my family’s printing press, El Comercio, in Quito, Ecuador. From a very young age, fascinated by the traveling stories throughout the building, I would follow my father from room to room as he explained how a newspaper company worked. From there, no one could stop my frenzy. I wrote whenever I could, on scraps of paper, sticky-notes, book margins, and even on the back of my arms if I had to. These words were a blend of English and Spanish lingo. Nevertheless, as I grew, they transformed into more coherent stories. These experiences led me to the realization that I strongly wished to pursue a career in writing literature. The passion I developed for the written word was born at El Comercio, but now I pursue writing because I love it.