Amy Jones Sedivy

Amy Sedivy lives in Los Angeles with her artist-husband, Richard, and their two dogs. She teaches literature and creative writing at a small private high school. Her favorite activity besides reading is driving through all the different neighborhoods of L.A., especially the roads less traveled.

it is what your life is

The girl stood on top of the railing. I watched in wonder – how could the girl balance? Still, that was not the real question. The real question was if the girl would jump. The ocean rolled with winds from a far-off storm, and while someone could conceivably jump from the pier into the water and live, someone else with an intent to die could probably succeed.
Short Story
Issue 74


Today I decided to read Waiting for Godot. I read four pages. I believe it runs about eighty pages. Perhaps I need someone to read it to me. Or with me. Or I need to watch it performed on stage by a couple of actors who really know how to read lines. Chances are slim that I will read seventy-four more pages. Ever. Today, also, Wren came to see me.
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Short Story Issue Nine

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