“My Bus Worries Me,” “Voice of Yesterday Morning,” and “Strangers”

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My Bus Worries Me

Epicurus the Greek philosopher

tells me not to fear death.

He goes, Why should you fear death?

If you are, then death is not.

If Death is, then you are not.

Why should you fear

something that only exists

when you do not?

I look up from my book to see

if it’s my bus. #9. Not #7.

When I look back down at

my book, a thought comes to me:

If I am here, then the bus is not.

If the bus is here, then I am gone.

Should I be worried if the bus

comes when I am not here?

Isn’t it because death exists

when I do not that I should be worried?

Isn’t it because I exist here

when the bus does not that I should be worried?

Where is my bus?

Oh dear.

Voice of Yesterday Morning

Our system is not a system of control.

It is a system of empowerment.

After Dr. Martin Brokenleg

You can never control your morning.

You can only empower it,

and let it empower you.

Welcome it with belonging,

be it sunny, cloudy, or empty.

Leave a quarter in your heart

for it to live in you, and you in it.

See that as the sun rises, your morning

would come to master its role in the universe, eager

to share with you its talents, its discoveries, like a child

learning a new word and wielding it for the first time.

Understand your morning would graduate

from the school of dawn, searching and gasping for

independence, for transformation. And recognize

the generosity within you and your morning.

For you, and for others, it is ready to give away

all it has, as in a potlatch, as much as you are.

Know that the legacy of a morning

lasts well beyond the night.

Know too the beauty of a morning

exists even in your absence.

Yet when you are nearby,

your morning can be more beautiful.


I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility

that existence has its own reason for being.

Written by Wisława Szymborska & Translated by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh

I prefer you today.

I prefer you tomorrow.

I prefer you with me to

you without me.

I prefer you speaking

a language I don’t understand.

I prefer you cooking

a dish I’ve not yet tried.

I prefer you keeping

a secret or two about yourself.

I prefer us sleeping with the idea

that our lives have their reasons for


About the Author

Sik Siu Siu

Sik Siu Siu lives and writes in Vancouver, British Columbia. He loves to travel and sit on a bus passing miles and miles of rice fields, grass, trees, rivers, mountains. His work has been featured in The Write Launch, Typishly, Turnpike Magazine, and Beyond Words Magazine.