“Spectacle of Spectacles”

“Spectacle of Spectacles”

spectacle of spectacles
Photo from Unsplash+ in collaboration with Jefferson Sees

Spectacle of Spectacles

My Spectacles watched me seek for them

lowered their head with mine.

A clear silhouette of every




But still, they were lost.

Molecules of deepening breaths

heaved a compound:

frustration + time =

where could they possibly be now?

Uniformed lines enlisted recruits

creasing my brows with

a scale of weightiness

pulling down an anemic slope of

wrinkling distress.

A welfare salute

instigated by my fingertips,

rescued and lifted

ounces of the matter,

recalculated the cost, and

adjusted my troubled brows

laundered, starched, and ironed,

in marching accusations.

Water vapors evaporated ghosts

shrouding hollow voids as

prisoners of no communion.

In time...

the willing return of the Prodigal Lenses

fitted on a hilly slope

overlooking our repentance

crowned my body and spirit’s vision.

About the Author

Annette Young

Annette is grateful to writing as an ally that she has let nuzzle for most of her life and is now being reintroduced to it. Her flash fiction, Utensils, was in an anthology published by Poets Choice and Free Spirit. Her poem, Swooped, appeared in the publication, From Whispers To Roars, Volume 5 Issue 1. Teaching is also a terrain that colors her life for a certifiable win/win.

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