“Can’t lawyer any mawyer,” “a little bit of everything not too much of anything,” and “Friends”

Can't lawyer any mawyer
Photo by zef art on Adobe Stock

Can’t lawyer any mawyer

a torture fund

for the poorer:

a rampant righteous dance

themed: taxidermy of piety

so hot do my cheeks burn

in hypocrisy

lost to our lessers

our attach—

is the root of all suffering


               extinction incorporated

   blindfolded in limine

   we stab her in every back we can find

                                    to keep from truth

                                                                    coming in

]]]]]]no escaping


mulled distraction

in your side

prodding consumption


is dyed red


lustitia was never meant to see

a little bit of everything not too much of anything

a kiss and tickle

ripens to old-hat

recorded back to you from mars

you sit there

on a red dune

thinking about where the time is

and how

living on the edge of it

is exhausting

pieces crumble beneath

but there’s not much place else to go

a port


in the family of crustaceans

creatures of the unknown birth

climbing the stairs

only to walk back down

cockhard and stubborn

still doesn’t fill the emptiness

scene from the above

eye contact

shyness is selfish at times

light emboweled

we move to pluto

ascend retract

home is without



sum things are not meant to be explained

a piece of glass is translucent for good reason

others opaque

a starlit runway to answers to questions

we could split

a galaxy and end up back

where we started

this is the rub and

the miracle

this is the gospel

as the fantasy

rivers of emphasis

closely paid attention to a detail

a line in a story I wrote once, about you

five years old, and hiding in the rain

smiling at the lightning

About the Author

Thomas Barranca

Thomas Barranca is a native New Yorker and former starving artist. His work centers around the existential crisis we as humanity currently find ourselves in. By day he works as a Legal Fellow for the Racial Justice Project at New York Law School while moonlighting as an aspiring poet and fiction author. He hopes to one day marry his life as an Attorney with his life as a Poet.

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