Arcs of Light

“arcs of light,” “The Divine Right of Kings,” and “Walk in Balance”

In Issue 73 by Howchi Kilburn

Arcs of Light
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arcs of light

How can I still be sad about ancient pains?

These tidbits of lost connection strewn like bread crumbs

            to delineate a path back to the witch or warlock

who cast this spell of forgetfulness

            “the better to manipulate you, my dear”

so hungry just to be noticed

            as the me I recognize as me

plenty of attention for the one they wanted

            so behaviorally sound

                        the perfectly formed lab rat

did they think I wouldn’t figure out the game?

did they not understand the integrity of a bright shining child?

and so not trusting the motives of anyone who got close

            i ran and kept running for a long time

running even when I appeared to stand still

            many places to run to in my mind

                        discovered only by running

            in a panic to escape the wiles and snares

i discovered destinations as i ran away from the management

            of my soul’s yearnings

                        no pavlov’s dog

                                    no skinner box

cold fingers icy touch to mold and shape

            my rage dispelled all curses

                        and unscrupulous manipulations

still searching for the ones who would love me for me

            not what they could make of me

then i would drink as one dying of thirst

            then i would drink myself sick

then i would continue the quest to find my lost self

            among all the messages and counter-messages

            spinning in a vast fog of information and disinformation

Where oh where has my little soul gone

            Oh where oh where can she be?

Launching myself into a stratosphere of Spirit

            maybe I’ll find her there


Then you appeared ten thousand miles times twelve

            around the world and back again

            and there you were like an answer to infinite prayers

to say

            “you are perfect just the way you are

            come sit with me and be my friend

            i want nothing more     nothing less

            and i will be your friend and travel with you

            from this day till the end of time”

and why after all this time do i trust you?

because i feel you

            and you have no hidden hand

your free soul invites my free soul

            to sing a song and dance a dance of freedom

we are spirits together

            great beings with great wings to fly

reach    explore   and   just  be

            in all our beauty and delight

finally falling heir to our birthright to be

            blessed children of the most holy of holies

riding arcs of light radiating from the center of it all

            living to ride and riding to live

The Divine Right of Kings


Wanton destruction

         crimes against humanity

                  destroy their hospitals and schools

                                    and sources of heat in the freeze of winter

                           kidnap their children and take them to Russia

         rape rob and pillage

Democracy will not be tolerated

         especially when supported by NATO and the USA

If they will not admit that they are Russian

         and submit to the totalitarian dictates of a single imperialist

                  then they will all be killed

         and there will be no one left to oppose this titular truth

                  which poisons its political enemies

                           and invades its neighbors

         because they dare to do business with the EU

They will be our primary trading partner

                                                               or else

         or else they will be no one’s trading partner

As for the destruction of the world’s food supply

         and every bit of nature set aside

                  for the preservation of all our relations

Collateral damage

         can’t be helped

The death of millions

         small price to pay for the revival of Peter and Catherine’s empire


Hitler was a victim too

                                    you know

Walk in Balance

Was it then or now or yet to occur

         these pictures of what might be possible?

Through maximum effort or effortlessly

         we gather to co-create a viable future

Or something even better emerging from our wildest imaginations

         as if truly inspired by that which is greater than ourselves

Visions of fairies, demigods and evolving ancestors

         helping us to overcome centuries of terrifically bad programming

Inspiration to do the right thing

         in spite of all the trauma that might tell us

Don’t trust!

         Don’t feel!

Beware! of your inner truth

         especially when it contradicts much of what

                  you’ve been told is truth

Each of us sits in the center of their own circle

         calling in the purity of each direction

That we may find our own unique way

         of walking in balance on Mother Earth

About the Author

Howchi Kilburn

As an author whose formative years were spent as a hippie in San Francisco, Howchi Kilburn continues to chart the course of those who experienced dramatic and simultaneous openings to the sensual/sexual and spiritual sides of human nature. Sacred pleasure is the concept which provides a departure point for a long exploration of the potential for ecstatic reverential unity in human relationships.

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