“The Bluest Eye” and “The Blue Worker”

“The Bluest Eye” and “The Blue Worker”

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

The Bluest Eye

My bluest eye that is without the blue

But the blue within to make up the two

Continues to reach its color by blue

Without any division from the two,

And weeps me by my best blues without heart

And satisfied by the blue ends apart

Since one blue is for the season’s greeting

While one is sadness upon the meeting.

I’m surprised I’m not blue by the eye

From all the blues I made tear to pass bye,

But maybe the day will make the blue moon

And carry on the blues by its wish soon,

And make mockery to cover me blue

That I seem escape by blues anew.

The Blue Worker

The blue worker, without his collars up,

Employs himself to have his dollars up

By this trend that made its way a new age

In his humble abode by his own sage.

But though this trend causes independence,

He finds himself in a blue dependence

That depends himself to make blues by his blues

Without any array of heart to choose:

For his ears discern no words for his work,

But allows he the blues of him to lurk;

And without faith, he pleases god of himself

That concerns with making blues for his shelf,

And in this blue exchange, he receives blues

And blue emotion that are without few.

About the Author

Kollin Kennedy

Kollin Kennedy is a poet based in the Dallas area who started writing poetry a few years ago, and is currently working on a novella and chapbook.

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