“Gwembe Valley” and “Saliya’s Calabashes”

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Gwembe Valley

Valley of the living

Valley of the dead

You call me back to my roots

Here, I can pause & look

I see

I see my people

I see me

Who am I?

I am a part of Gwembe

Like a piece of diamond

I am disintegrated to the world

I can sing your song

Tell the world Gwembe lives

That you exude a mysterious beauty

A great majestic art

Slopes & gorges define thine art

Thine majesty is grandiose in the truest of forms!

Your odds – the antidote to life

Molded the art of life for your inhabitants

Wisdom you manifested unto those who sought

And they overcame thine brutal nature

Cultivated thee instead

Thriving on the edge of life

With laughter &


Death – you were spared not

Death by the tsetse fly

& life encapsulated

A habitant for all life

God's own creation!

Home to the Indigenous tribe

generation after generation

that was,


and to come!

Gwembe undisturbed

Gwembe in its truest form

Cradle of life!

Saliya’s Calabashes

From tiny-hardened seeds

She sowed

And through a rainy season,

watched them Sprout and blossom

Through the hot season

its shell naturally enameled

So strong no force of nature can destroy

The insides

she curved and dug out

Its hollow shell

used for all that life gives

To plenish the hungry and needs of man

A tool to preserve the perishables

A gift from nature

The Calabash of Life – Saliya’s Nongos (Calabashes)

About the Author

Palisa Muchimba

Palisa Muchimba is a Poet, Writer, and former journalist. She holds a BA from Indiana University. She enjoys cooking and many things outdoors.