“Why I Wear the Hijab” and “Octopus”

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Why I Wear the Hijab

اماذا أر تديي الحجاب

The clouds are filled with rain

but they do not bring rain

just like a woman


does not bring any current

so, look again

my eyes are made punctual

in planets with the sun and moon

and clouds inside them

thick sheaf of black hair

in an array of silver threads

on my brown clay like the potter’s

I’ve built a tolerance for the flame on my glaze

freckles and spots sprinkled all over

dimples formed in the upper part of my cheeks

lends character to my smooth features

heaven is where I am focusing

the only witness to my opening, I fall asleep

Outside looking away.



This is the one road

that goes everywhere

never turn your gaze

there will be signs

you walk it and think

to get someplace this is

how the mouth will curve

sourcing for inspiration will lead you

down an endless, unwinding path

it gets boring, provides fun

gets you tensed, makes you

sigh you take more steps to

the language of sighs

walk more lengths on and on

on and on the book is no good

a mystery like an octopus

but without the grace

no matter how much you want

to love them men are awful

About the Author

Ilari Pass

When Ilari isn't writing poetry or short stories, she recites Ayahs (verses) from the Quran; travels with her family; plays hide-and-go-seek, blows bubbles, and chases fireflies with her three year-old grandson. A two-time Best of the Net nominee, her Greatest Hits appear or forthcoming in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, The Indianapolis Review, ONE ART, As It Ought To Be, Sledgehammer Lit, Paterson Literary Review, and others.

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