“A girl called Time,” “Sleep” and “Sunfall”

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

A girl called Time

Once she’d been busy,


hard to get in touch with,

too cool for the likes of me.

Now she’s here to stay,

not leaving me for a second,

day in day out,

telling me to try new things.

But she’s getting bored

with me doing nothing.

I can see it in her eyes,

threatening to abandon me.

So I calm her down

since tomorrow is around the corner.

There’s ample time, right?

We could start all over.


An escape from the mundane days

to a vast sea of opportunities

where the weird makes sense

and no one’s judging you.

If only for a moment,

yearning back to that place

since my mind is restless and weary.

No more hiding

behind the many masks I’ve carefully created

for every occasion

to traverse through this tiresome life.

As I close my eyes

the curtain falls

to a land of wonder

where I can drop my guard

and be happy again.


When these dark thoughts settle in,

an invisible black mass falls upon me,

paralyzing from the inside.

I seem like a shell of my former self,

not knowing who or what possesses me.

Tired of this puppet master

since just minutes ago I felt at ease,

grateful for the rays on my face.

But the sun’s gone now

and as hard as I try to catch it back,

darkness overtakes.

Clinging to my only hope,

I’m waiting,

that this’ll soon be over

and the sun rises randomly once more

like the last time.

About the Author

Freddy Lond

Freddy Lond is an Estonian writer/director who moved to Belgium in his teens. This change had an impact on his creativity. It contributed to the cultural duality that can be seen in his writing; he loves the underdog. His poems are about the struggles of people dealing with anxiety and depression, hoping to find a deeper meaning to life. A graduate of LUCA School of Arts, he currently writes screenplays and novels.