“Paladin,” “Zeus” and “Cartography of Accident”

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash


In the woods behind her house,

in a season where the world tilts most

from its ball of light,

upon her small part of Earth’s

rounded back —

naked oak branches covered in white:

exhibitionists with surprised stances.

Shoulder rubbed against heavy-leaning

pine, with their opulent green shawls.

Arranged in a crowd of rich and poor,

dour and ecstatic.

Or as curious enthralled

along yellow tape —

an unnatural, natural arrangement for a yard.

Set solemn center, a paladin of Inside,

a four-eyed Cape with gabled roof.

Held hostage by a room within —

the bed of memory from when I was young.

She lies below my thoughts,



It’s not my chest —

continents stretched horizontally along the equator.

But it feels so.

A wanderer, our planet.

All in motion. Earth, and the one unknown asteroid.

Where is Zeus? And his un-named gas-giant?

With tiny swimming bacteria in the atmosphere,

under space.

Once, I heard of a place very close to the Sun,

where I could close my eyes,

and smell land,

and my mind would make children of

what I longed for.

When I arrived, my senses fell among the bookshelves.

It was ever so beguiling.

I want there to be you, a page staring back at me —

the expanse in your eyes, the feeling of being alive and

not understanding —

I want your Zeus inward space.

Cartography of Accident

I didn’t rise from the hot pavement, from my knees and elbows,

to re-animate through traffic. An incident of numb,

Uncollected till sounds: “Ching!” Little fingertips.

Spare change from a deconstructed face,

Spat upon knolls of no-man’s cheap works.

Now I type them onto white pages, where I come to live.

Essence spilled into Verges. Drainage basins.

Stimulate the vagus nerve, and you will change everything.

Reappearing — those teeth, in future mouths.

Or transformed, if they can grow from the unlit vagus

World of others. A part of me kept alive through their reading.

About the Author

Leon Fedolfi

Leon Fedolfi is an aspiring poet. He has published in The Raw Art Review, High Shelf Press and others. He has a book of poetry, UnInvented Ear, publishing with UnCollected Press in January, 2022.