“Intact,” “Bloom” and “Return”

In Issue 55 by Alex Starr

“Intact,” “Bloom” and “Return”


Whatever anyone

tells you know

it is possible

common in fact

to exist

in one place in

another two time

transience one

location contains

many dancing

points of which

many are owners

no one is

one all are

let this infuse

fork on table

sounds of birds

carried by air

through window

intact mirror

of bathroom

contents chemical

processes permit

love memory

theory still

not quite seeing

see being be


Make some time

imagine bright

morning early

summer lace

curtain balloon

into street

beneath raised

sashes peals

belfry church

Saint George


pierglass her

Doran afforded

loophole reparation

passing delirium

sense of honor

object of secret

amiable memories

leaver of instinct

in drawing room


Engrained faces



we go to go back

burrows belonging

creatures we invent

hope visions

faun circles

in meadows polyester

office recliners

seeming surreal

About the Author

Alex Starr

Alex Starr is a writer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alex's poems have been published in Volume 15, Issue 3 of Meat for Tea: The Valley Review. Prior recognition includes the Dorothy Sugarman Prize in Poetry, George Harmon Coxe Award in Fiction, and Barnes Shakespeare Essay Prize from the Cornell University English Department. Alex holds a B.A. in Philosophy/English from Cornell and Oxford where he co-led the Mansfield College Poetry Society.

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