“A little light,” “Si-ghting 53” and “Letter—for Fernando Pessoa”

“A little light,” “Si-ghting 53” and “Letter—for Fernando Pessoa”

A little light

As for the darkness of eternity

a little light by your bed

might doas the wind

flings itself against your wall

weathering all away

while you

wandering the dunes of your dreams

with the sea in your ear

and the dead stars in your eyes

treado so softly through the night

or lie awakewith the flickering forms

of your sleepless mind

a beckoning hand here a bending figure

therea breath

breathing ice to your fire

a shadowdeepening into day

darkening alla little light

beside your bed

might do

to keep away

Si-ghting 53

Staring thereup through the trees

on your ownprone as ever

deep in the leaves

to your own idle thoughts

idling there

then drifting upand on

into the empty sky

light and airyas the autumn air

as white and pale

as the waystill to be traced

from the space of mind

to the intricate page

assembling thereas the tree thins

your own thoughtsidling still

deeper in the dying leaves

Letter—for Fernando Pessoa

From his seat in the corner there

his eyeopen

to the rings and random drops

he writes

from where I ama world away

the waiting pagethe tearful

trembling white his anxious wrist

rests upon

the slant of pen

as the troubled words wander

from left to right

a moment held

a moment crawling on


into place

line by measured line


the space

from pause to pause

from stain to stain

he writes

and Ifrom where I am

in the corner here

the table bare

I toobefore I leave

wait to receive

About the Author

Ray Malone

Ray Malone is an Irish writer and artist living in Berlin, Germany, working on developing a highly-reduced aesthetic through a series of projects exploring the lyric potential of minimal forms, based on various musical and/or literary models. His work has been published in numerous print and online journals in the US, UK and Ireland.