“hate | thirst,” “Sahara’s siren” and “release | remain”

“hate | thirst,” “Sahara’s siren” and “release | remain”

hate | thirst

for those that are tempted to drink from the fountain of hate

beware of that bittersweet nectar

even as it feels like honey running down your chin

you will realize its acidic burning nature

as it bores a trail into your soul

it is a most difficult journey back to the sun

once you rent a room to that raging guest

it is almost impossible to evict them

it will haunt you deep

it will bend your will

and make bones brittle

causing great burden

and twisted spine

so please take heed of these words

and think twice when your hate makes you thirst

release | remain

rise and fall there is an end somewhere in the air a

disturbance in the sky that cracks the grey and blue

with lightning stroke | there is an urge to begin again

before it is too late but it may already be too late

confound and fold in tiny pieces and store them under

that old t-shirt in the bottom left drawer | rise and

fall because there is no end to the secrets that remain

they feast from the inside out and leave little

crumbles and crumbs|  the path ends where the cliff

takes over your screams resonate against the twilight

Sahara’s siren

these arid planes that hide the elusive siren

cover her with sandy kisses

where whilst the weary awake with heavy lips

between the dunes

whirlwinds spin through desert time

her soul residing on the line

separating midnight blues and scarlet hues

oh crave to create

crave to find

she lies divine somewhere in Sahara’s fields

wrapping her legs around the Ahagger mountains

creating rotating monsoons

still she is undiscovered

hiding amongst the heat and 3 million miles

maybe she is content in isolation

maybe she does not want to be found

maybe she reads these lines from dusky twilight

and chuckles

About the Author

Erik Poitras

I have a love for writing and reading. I began writing about 3 years ago and have enjoyed the journey that it continuously takes me on. I believe that my poems speak to the hurt, pain, hope, joy, sadness, loss, etc., that people experience in their waking and sleeping moments.