“Imagining 42 Tiny Scuba Divers,” “Drifting” and “Sandcastle”

“Imagining 42 Tiny Scuba Divers,” “Drifting” and “Sandcastle”

Imagining 42 Tiny Scuba Divers

Bubble rings like misplaced

angel halos arise within

my teardrop from tiny

scuba divers the size

of pinpricks swimming

about aimlessly with salt

coating their masks,

and high on painkillers.


This stunning crimson feather

drifts effortlessly

in the hot summer sky,

and defies gravity

with each passing


I pluck this treasure midflight

with my thumb

and index finger.

I long to display this beauty

in a little plastic box

to add to my collection,

but instead, like a lone

escaped flame,

it burns me.


It is the size of a penny

this miniature sandcastle.

I kick it, and send particles

upwards in the troposphere.

They do not travel far.

About the Author

Sophia Falco

Sophia Falco is the author of her debut poetry chapbook: The Immortal Sunflower (UnCollected Press, 2019), a winner of The Raw Art Review Poetry Chapbook Contest. Falco recently graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Santa Cruz along with the highest honors in the Literature Department. Her poems have appeared in The Poetry Matters Project, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Indolent Books, Wingless Dreamer, The Beautiful Space, among other journals.