“02 – determined to rise” and “03 – for the man in the phone booth”

“02 – determined to rise” and “03 – for the man in the phone booth”

“02 – determined to rise” and “03 – for the man in the phone booth”

02 - determined to rise

in the darkest of caves

illuminated by night

i sought answers in your shape

you sought refuge in mine.

it was lust, masked as love

the highs, worth the lows

you were broken




as my body inched closer

a warning flashed red

but i was already


dripping in ache



a moth to your flames.

you breathed me in

the way i longed

to breathe myself

you played chess

on my skin

with the palm of your hand

no sense of where

you begin

where i end.

our bodies moved in rhythm

like experimental jazz

you traced my longing

until i begged for more

you tickled my throat

until i screamed

our energy

electric, chaotic


we were on a quest

seeking divine

i was intoxicated by yours

you were enchanted by mine.

in the stillness of dusk

hungover in gray, obliterated in ashes

we searched for remains.

03 - for the man in the phone booth

Are we really that different?

Both hiding in ways that beg to be seen.

Repulsed, I do everything in my power

To avoid your gaze. I cross the street

Well before I need to and still look away

Just in case you could see the loathing

Steam out my eyelids, just in case you could

Feel my chest concave in utter disgust at the way

You live your life.

Now, the phone booth is empty. Now, where do

You live your life?

About the Author

Rachel Elam

Rachel Elam is an emerging poet in New York City. Rachel is the Founder of Glitter+Soul and her work has published in Origin Magazine and in 2012. Rachel leads Mindfulness and Social Good efforts at Facebook Inc.

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