“Time Flies” and “Global Climate Strike”

In Issue 32 by Madison Gill

Time Flies

(after the play by David Ives)

Two restless houseflies

buzz around my living room,

stirring the August heat on this

dog day of a summer afternoon

They land for a moment, then

take off again

Pace up and down the windowpane

tasting for an escape of sunlight

No time to waste

My lover is the type to catch

the spiders and the flies

rather than kill them – one

of the things I love most about him

Whose to say these flies were not

born only hours ago?

Tonight’s moon may be the first

they’ve ever seen – if

they live to see it

And then there’s me: worrying

I should be somewhere else,

doing more

If a day is a lifetime to the fly, I wonder

if a year would feel like eternity

Sometimes it does to me

But then all of a sudden, the last half-

decade has passed when it began just


My lover is unbothered by such

existential crises – he loves me

with a fearlessness I envy

I read once that flies’ brains rewire

when they fall in love

to the point that neither can remember

a time when they weren’t together

A familiar lapse of memory I feel

eclipsing my own mind

I wonder if that’s true, if there’s room

for love

in the vicious cycle of feeding and meeting

and mating and breeding and dying

I hope so

To think of all the life I have

wasted already

agonizing over the right way to spend

the rest of it – which hasn’t even

happened yet

While these flies have only today

and each other to love.

Global Climate Strike

Remember this day

Mark it down in the red

ledger of history

As the day the world

came together in one

final call for action

With the fire

licking at our heels

The clock

ticking further passed

the eleventh hour

Gave our leaders

a choice

To pull their hands

out of the honey pot

filled with oil

And wave a white flag

Or continue letting

our raised alarm fall

on deaf ears, turn

their backs, and

let us burn.

About the Author

Madison Gill


Madison Gill is a female poet and writer from Colorado. She received her Bachelor of the Arts degree in English from Colorado State University-Pueblo. Her poetry has been published in such print journals as Tempered Steel and From Whispers to Roars, as well as online at The Write Launch and Elephant Journal. She has performed her poetry at collegiate-level writing conferences, and competed in local spoken word competitions. She works two jobs as a food server and also contributing editor of an independent newsmagazine in southern Colorado.

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