“Whence”, “With Mother” and “All Alert”

“Whence”, “With Mother” and “All Alert”


Are we in a flood, next door?

If there’s water, water everywhere

then I want to know about it.

I don’t know where the property ends

due to it missing a fence,

even a wire fence. I think that the groceries

need to be gathered. The water in the pipes

of my house makes me suspicious of turning door knobs.

Am I a fish on the other side?

With Mother

Playing with doilies means

stitching and cutting and stitching and cutting.

The routine of the day is nothing in comparison.

Vertical, horizontal shapes emerge...

after the scissors. Everything is a long time

in being established. Some of these shapes look suspicious.

But we learn to love them all, that’s what

a daughter does for her mother when

she makes her stitching right.

All Alert

Swans upon the water:

there is no difference.

Airy reeds with air in between

are a proof of the indistinctness

of nature. What is one is one.

Swans within the water,

better said, as they merge and form

a new body, are placated with the transformation.

About the Author

Breslin White

Breslin White is a poet with Irish and Japanese family. He has always had a fond love for language and linguistic form. When he's not busy writing, he can be found reading at Goodreads. Breslin White has published a poetry book called Lily Thrust.

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