“12 Ways of Looking at a Woman”, “Skyless Sky” and “A Poem Is”

“12 Ways of Looking at a Woman”, “Skyless Sky” and “A Poem Is”

12 Ways of Looking at a Woman


The clear, crystal windows overlook New York

She directs her meeting swiftly,

Intimidating the businessmen.


Embracing her children,

The woman smiles.

She kisses her husband on the cheek.

The warmth around her glows.


In the cold, blue bathroom

the woman stands.

Gazing at herself.



In the warm, sticky evening

the woman slips on her heels

And walks off into the night.

Loud music and the smell of

cheap perfume gets entangled

in her hair.


The woman breathes.

Her family prays.

The hospital is eerie.

She lies motionless but her mind is alive.


Standing over a cutting board,

she cooks for him.

The woman is strong enough to stay,

but she is tired of the smell of home cooked food.

She is tired of packing the kids backpacks.

She is tired of waiting for her husband after work.

She is tired of living a simple life.

She is tired of being who she thought she’d become.


Have you forgotten your worth?

Where do you belong?

The woman asks, rocking herself

back and forth.


Thin, tall, and proud,

the woman walks.

A white lab coat is draped over her frame.

She saves lives at a crisp, white, hospital.


A little girl holds a teddy bear.

She stares into its beady black eyes

until the world turns and suddenly

She is grown.

She is strong.

She is a woman.


The woman stands at the edge

of a snowcapped mountain.

White air is cool around her.

She breathes ice.

She inhales the air slowly,

As if it was her last breath.


The mansion is dark and lonely.

It smells like clean, lavender scented soap.

The woman walks down the grand spiral

staircase, slowly, as if she had all the time

in the world.

Her skin is wrinkly and tugged.

Her hair is gray, like the face of a

sorrowful child.

Her body is fragile, yet bulky.

As she stumbles down the stairs,

She seems like a broken accordion.


As she makes it past the finish line,

the woman lifts her strong arms

up in joy.

Her legs almost collapse beneath her,

But she finds a way to keep them sturdy.

The crowd cheers.

She cries tears of joy,

her lips turning up

into a smile.

She did it.

Skyless Sky

Smooth and round, a small box tells its story.

It whispers gently, like a mother to her child.

If you listen carefully, can you hear the tale?

Two men walk

Through a sunless field

With a skyless sky.

It seemed as though only yesterday they started to walk.

When there is no path you must follow your heart!

If there are two hearts, which one will they pick?

Two men walk

Through a peaceful breeze

From a skyless sky.

Flowers and trees stand tall around them, but there is no sun and no shadows.

You don't need the sun to find your light!

If there is no light, how can you find one within?

Two men walk

Through a peaceful land

With a skyless sky.

As night approaches their skin grows cold, but unbothered they keep their pace.

When it is cold, to stay alive one must keep moving!

But won’t the the cold creep up your bones and paralyze you?

Two men walk

Through a quiet night

With a skyless sky.

Once they make it home, they stand and cry.

When you finally reach your goal, you cry tears of joy!

But if you are happy, why do you cry?

Two men sit

At last at home

They share a laugh

Discuss the unknown.

They drink warm tea

That warms their hands

And calms their minds.

A lit candle

Shines a light

That lets them see the sky at night.

It is bright

And it blinks

And it stretches far.

The skyless sky

Is now full of stars.

A Poem Is

A poem is the sweet syrup of a fruit

That falls down your chin

As you eat it.

A poem is the rich honey

That sticks to your fingers

As you free it.

A poem is the rich tomato

That sits in your fridge

Until you need it.

A poem is the hearty bread

That you bite into

When you see it.

A poem is everything and anything

That you may need,

But only if

You can feel it.

About the Author

Elizabeth Luchinski

Elizabeth Luchinski is a student at Granada Hills Charter High School who has always loved writing.

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