“We Are, We Were”, “Think Tragedy, Feel Comedy” and “Are we equal yet?”

Three poems by Samuel Griffin

We Are, We Were

The universe recognizing itself

The story we tell ourselves

The morality of Newton's Third Law

The reflection of attraction

The identities of Heraclitus' river

The sobriety of necessary solitude

The panic of their indifference

The sweet speak of song

The light dance of death

The first twelve tablets

The last question Isaac asked

The mean time of our goals

The goal line of our means

Think Tragedy, Feel Comedy

This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.

- Horace Walpole

Estrogan are you forsaken?

The idle mind waits for you.

On a stone in rags he hollowed

felt feudal love for poor Apollo,

his chariot of coin in question

One willow under our telling sky.

Not mint of metal or ones or zeros

Coin is trust in power in heroes.

What happened to man and his divine?

Spheres of fire and the fabric of time.

Estrogan, your idle mind waits.

The knowledge of man, locution fate.

Are we equal yet?

All that exists is One. People only call this One by different names.

– Leo Tolstoy, A Letter to a Hindu

Lines of money of color naught

Structures of historic power lines sought

Life lines ending he sees a light

waves of black and quarks of white

Otis outside his lonely spectrum

Beating eighths on a truthful drum

Beating true because none share their start

in opportunity or love's humility

in dangerous lands or losing hands

So, as you push your brother down

As you trip over each hurdle and frown

Calling your dictator to change his plan

Remember Spinoza sang Deus sive Natura

Accepting death is the only freedom

And death is what makes us equal

Suffer a life? You'd rather together

What do you see in your child's eye?

And without unity what can we find?

No more water the fire next time

Eating away what makes man kind

About the Author

Samuel Griffin

Samuel Griffin is an aspiring author of poetry for the information age. He lives in Chicago, Illinois and is pursuing his Master's Degree in Business Administration. He has been published by Chicago Poetry Press.