“ocean”, “drive” and “moon”



life is like the ocean
life moves in waves
not steps
life flows
but also
life crashes down
and that magnificent tower of blue
while somehow still remaining whole.

even when we are calm for as far as you can see
there are strong currents
building cities
just below the surface.

just like water
we break
without being broken.

(just like water we are full)


i remember driving in your car
along the mountain road
that connects my house
with your house.

you know that road?

the one where you can see the harbor
with the small lighthouse
as you come around the corner
towards the end.

i remember how my favourite song
was playing on the radio
and how i thought:
i should make this a moment.
so i sang
and i made you laugh
and i made you sing
and i let us forget
that we were so desperately far away
and slipping further away
but i made us forget
because i gave us a moment.

isn’t that the saddest thing?


i am the ocean
and i think you are the moon

(but baby please stop pulling i just need to be still)

About the Author

Caitlin Spring

Caitlin Spring was born in the USA but grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. She has a Creative Writing degree from the University of Witwatersrand and is currently studying at Peking University in China. She writes personal essays, plays and poetry and has been published both online and in print anthologies.