Water's Secrets

I wonder what she would tell me if I could understand
Like spies of any age,
I want the key to the code that will unlock her secrets.

Secrets of the deep
Our desire to know
drives us ever deeper
Struggling to crack the code
Yearning to understand our siblings
Whale, Orca, Dolphin
Do we really want to know what they have to say?

Secret patterns of movement
flow and eddy
The effects all that are visible
thanks to
rocks, trees and earth
Hints of things that remain obscured

Stomping in the summer
tiny homes concealed
rock and leaves
detritus to us
Lift a rock to explore
destroy a home

Sources unseen by our eyes
pouring from the depths of our mother
nourishment and love personified.

When does a secret cease to be secret?
Is there a magic number?
A circle separating those who know
from those who don’t.

About the Author

Heather Gehron-Rice

Heather is a graduate of J.P. McCaskey HS and an alumnae of Hood College, Frederick, MD. She is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard with three Humanitarian and a National Defense medals. Heather lived in Cape May, NJ, Governors Island,New York City and Cape Cod, MA before moving back to Lancaster City on Tuba Christmas in 1999. Heather earned her Master of Divinity from Lancaster Theological Seminary in 2007. She is a recovering perfectionist and a voracious reader with a strong commitment to social justice. Heather enjoys swimming and is currently spending a lot of time at the pool!