Another answer which eludes me

Another answer which eludes me

Why did you have to get cancer?

YOU were the healthy one!
YOU were the one who could leap tall buildings at
a single bound
or, at least, scamper up Mt. Katahdin.
You were the playful, mischievous,
lovable joker
who acted younger than I:
born bowed down like
an old lady
bearing the weight of the world
on my shoulders.

I thought you would never grow old…
just fall off one of the mountaintops
you so love to climb
or get hit by a car.
Dead in an instant
no suffering
no aging.

Now you are losing yourself.
You are losing parts you always had.
And gaining lumps and bumps
and topics of conversation
we never wanted
for you.

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Maren Morgan

Maren E. Morgan. The first name rhymes with STAR-Ben. It's Danish, although I am not. I was named for a friend of my mother's who was named for her great-grandmother back in the old country.  I think of myself as a mother first, then a musician, then a person. My sons are the best things about my life. Musicking: I perform and compose.  House rehabbing: Not a talent I ever thought I'd develop, but one thing led to another and I am now well versed in the lay person's ways to evaluate and demolish neglected houses.  See my many, many articles on as Maren Morgan M-T.  Also, my upcoming book: I Rescued a House: One Woman's Victory with an Abandoned Castle. Writing. Oh yes, I write.  I turn out copious free verse poetry in addition to how-to articles. I enjoy sharing my life wisdom (scant, but it's yours for the asking.)   I absolutely love what I do. It's very rewarding to invite people through my creations to be all that they can be in a safe, honest, explosion of unique, genuine energy. (I am very enthusiastic, if not utterly insane.) Please visit my under-construction website:

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