April Poems, series

Sinking Daystar

Issue 1 by Cynthia Biddle Megill

Sinking Daystar

I have seen 23,011 sunsets or so.

Each one different than the night before.

Each one a newborn,

crying out on an early eve.

There is something about a newborn cry.

Your heart opens wider just at the sound.

Your eyes are softer. Your soul more gentler.

Their inch high fingers touch the sky.

They enkindle the heavens.

The clouds light up.

Laden booties stamp golden dust from the gloaming,

Lighting the way for us to follow.

Orange and pink streamers roll out

pulling us closer, approaching gleaming mirrors.

The treasured twilight opens and

swallows the last riches of the day.

About the Author

Cynthia Biddle Megill

I received my BA in psychology from San Diego State. At Cal Western my major was Philosophy and English with a creative writing emphasis. I have been published in different anthologies and various magazines. I am a retired banker and enjoy my time being called Gaga by my grandchildren.