For the keeper of words

Issue 1 by Cynthia Biddle Megill

are tough enough,
and now you tell me to measure them in meter and rhyme.
To dress them, position them like fruit in a bowl.
Words, ink blots, charcoal smears, audibles,
never good enough, always second best.
Word sage?
tell me how to put fire words on a cold line,
tell me how to save the gut words that drown in my throat,
the ones that never reach my lips,
the ones that never leave my pen.

About the Author

Cynthia Biddle Megill

I received my BA in psychology from San Diego State. At Cal Western my major was Philosophy and English with a creative writing emphasis. I have been published in different anthologies and various magazines. I am a retired banker and enjoy my time being called Gaga by my grandchildren.