Pamela Cottam

Pamela Cottam is a fiction writer with an MFA in Creative Writing from Cleveland State’s NEOMFA program. She has written a mystery novel, children’s stories and adult short fiction. Her writing has been published in Across the Margin, Better than Starbucks2, Active Muse, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Creepypasta (Audio) Constellate Literary Journal and the Pennsylvania Literary Journal (2 stories). She was a nominee for the Best of the Net, 2021, and most recently, was a runner up in the Gordon Square Review Fiction 2022 contest.

A Gathering of Crows

Tom Cuthbert opened his garage door. A light snow topped the denuded branches of his crabapples and lay like a pale gauze over his yard. Winter’s depressing, steely-hued clouds clung tenaciously to the lake and its surroundings, still chafed about the warm air that had broken their hold a few weeks earlier.