Mike Tuohy and Susan Zimmerman

Mike Tuohy
Born in New Jersey in Eisenhower times, Mike moved to Georgia in 1965. Graduating from GSU in 1980 with BS in Geology, he works as a professional geologist in the environmental consulting rackets by day. By night, he chronicles the preposterous in the form of short stories, novellas and a manifesto. His work has been recognized in numerous writing competitions. A two-time finalist in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest, he has a current total of nine words in that prestigious publication. He currently resides on the North Oconee River near Jefferson, Georgia.
Susan Zimmerman

Born in New Jersey in LBJ days, Susan moved south in the 1990s to work in the woods with a degree in environmental science. She currently lives in the Appalachian foothills of Georgia and has collaborated with Mike Tuohy on fictionalized accounts of her adventures including the short story, Capisce? and a novella, Negotiating the Narrows. Both stories have achieved recognition in multiple competitions. Capisce? was published by Scribes Valley Press in 2014.