Michael O'Brien

I believe that the current state of poetry is stagnant because of the rejection of rhyme. I read contemporary poetry and I don't feel a connection. It all seems to be self indulgent random thoughts with no continuity. Free verse poetry written for other free verse poets. Poetry needs to connect again with the public. Poetry needs to inspire with words that ring out in the tradition of Robert Frost and Walt Whitman. Free verse has its place, but there needs to be room for poetry that rhymes. Not the old school meter type of rhyme, but rather, rhyming in the way hip hop artists do with no rules. Poetry editors need to have an open mind when it comes to poetry that rhymes, and not be snobs. Rhyming poetry takes guts to do because the poet is risking looking like a fool. I don't think there is the same risk when it comes to free verse poetry. A poem should resound with inspiration and poignancy as it is spoken aloud or in the mind.