K. Alan Leitch

Author of YA, Murder Mysteries and Thrillers, K. Alan Leitch creates narratives from images that don’t suit a screen. His seven novels have received awards from Textnovel and Serena McDonald Kennedy. Through short fiction, he's also loved soap operas in Writer Advice; lived large in Gathering Storm Magazine; written six voices for WOW: Women on Writing; and championed otherworldly reconciliation in Stringybark Stories. His satirical adventure, Crimes of Convenience, has placed in the 2017 International 3-day Novel Competition, and this very YA Mystery, Too Much Information, has placed in the top ten of the 2017 Book Pipeline Contest, surpassing 1,974 other published and unpublished novels. Follow his fiction and other scribblings on Words from K. Alan, or on Twitter @KAlanAuthor .