Jeanne Wilkinson

Jeanne Wilkinson lives in both Brooklyn, NY and Madison, WI. From being a “back-to-the-land” organic dairy farmer in Wisconsin, she ended up with an MFA in painting at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. As a writer and artist, she tries to create a vivid visual world for the reader. Her essays have been featured on WNYC’s “Leonard Lopate Show,” NPR's “Living on Earth” and “Cleaning Up Glitter Literary Journal.” Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Columbia Journal, Digging Through the Fat, and Prometheus Dreaming. Creative nonfiction has been published by The Coil Magazine, Raven's Perch, New Millennium Writings, Lemon Theory and Metafore Magazine. Her short experimental films have been screened at BAM and at the Greenpoint and NYC Indie Film Festivals, and a video installation was shown at the 13th St. Repertory Theater.