Jaime Gill

Jaime Gill is an award-winning writer and creative whose journalism, features and fiction have been published by The Guardian, BBC, Wanderlust, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Bangkok Post, and Phnom Penh Post. He was born in Britain but left in 2014 and is not responsible for any of the country’s decisions after that date. He works for development organisations across South East Asia and lives in Cambodia while working haphazardly on a climate crisis novel, film script, and far too many stories, two of which were recently longlisted by The Masters Review and The Bridport Prize. His stories have appeared in acclaimed titles including voidspace and Beyond Words.


We slept at gunpoint but woke up alive, so it was a good night.
For the first time since Bai disappeared, I didn’t dream of monsters. I dreamt I was in my tiny childhood bedroom and my mother was alive and calling me for a pungent dinner I could smell wafting from the kitchen, sweetness and spice.
Winter 2024: Climate Crisis