Jack Woodville London

Jack Woodville London is a writer, historian, teacher, and retired lawyer and is the Director of Writing Education of the Military Writers Society of America. His writing career began with his appointment as managing editor during law school of the University of Texas International Law Journal. He studied the craft of fiction at the Academy of Fiction, St. Céré, France and at Oxford University. He is the author of three novels, a non-fiction book on the craft of writing, and more than thirty articles on history, literature, travel, law and art. His 2018 novel, French Letters: Children of a Good War, won the Gold Medal for Book of the Year in war and military fiction. His fourth novel, Shades of the Deep Blue Sea, is scheduled for publication in September 2020. He also is co-author of the essential work for Texas jury trials, The Pattern Jury Charges. He is the author of more than thirty articles on literature and history as well as a number of technical articles on court procedure and evidence. His article “Into the Hornets” Nest in Military Magazine was cited as the best World War I article of 2015. He regularly conducts writing programs for veterans and his teaching travels have included presenting talks and courses in Phoenix, Albuquerque, Austin, Waco, Pittsburgh, Dayton, and San Diego. He was invited to be on summer faculty at Herriott-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland and at the University of Padua in Padua, Italy. He was the first author invited by the United States Navy to present a book tour to the US navy bases in Europe and to the DOD schools at those bases. He was honored to represent the Military Writers Society of America as an invited speaker on the one hundredth anniversary of the armistice of World War I at the largest military cemetery in Europe, the Meuse-Argonne cemetery in France. He also reviews the books we all read, from best sellers to under-the-radar releases and the classics, in his series On the Nightstand. He rates them based on how well they keep him awake — a 100-watt book is a real page-turner and a 20-watt book helps Jack sleep by conking him out pretty quickly. Jack lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Alice.