Issue 15 / July 2018

'Mama exhorted her children at every opportunity to "jump at de sun." We might not land on the sun, but at least we would get off the ground.'
Zora Neale Hurston

Issue 15

Toshihiro’s Last Part

Ilia Ryzhenko

Toshihiro arrived at the Osakako station fifteen minutes earlier than planned. As he left the subway, he realised the sun had already set while he was underground, making him feel as if he travelled to a place more distant.

Issue 15

The Missing Girl

Vanessa Christie

“Dad,” someone was saying. “Dad. DAD!” And now poking, he noted. “Yeah. OK,” he said, lifting his head from his arms. “This place is disgusting,” his daughter told him. “Well, daughter mine,” James muttered. “Of all the gin joints you could have found me in … at least this is a gin joint.”

Issue 15

The Lonely Stay At Home

Maya Best

The house was never silent after I was born, but not because of baby wails or shrieks. It was because of the TV. TV whispers woke me every morning and swayed me to sleep. The flickering light filled the hallway in a comforting glow that made the dark seem less menacing in the midst of night. It cloaked the actual silence, the short but frequent absences. More so, I’d come to know the TV as my mother.

Issue 15

Rabbit’s Den

Drew Mortier

I don’t remember if this was before or after the fumigator accidentally lit our house on fire in 2002, which turned out to be sort of a mixed bag in the long run, but I have this picture in my head where Bunny is running toward me down a hallway and then she’s in my arms,

Issue 15

Owl Feathers

Ruby Holsenbeck

I walk down the highway today as cars rush by, travelers for the holiday hurrying to get to their destinations. It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and traffic is heavy. Across the road, I see a dead bird with distinctive feathers.

Issue 15

Hebrew for the Sabbath Day

Sharon Forman

Malawach, the bubbly Yemenite pancake bread oozing with meat and vegetables, bloated the teachers’ American bellies, as the tour bus spirited them away from the trendy restaurant to the terraced sidewalks of Jerusalem’s Tayelet.

Issue 15

First Moments

Aaron Ratliff

I spent the first moments of my life not really in it. When most babies are born, the process is straightforward. They come out. They cry. The doctors and nurses check a few things to make sure everything is working.

Issue 15

Even Robots Screw Up

Caroline Taylor

The plan was simple, the execution a bit tricky, but I was ready. Man, was I ready. Or maybe I was tired of trying to figure out what might go wrong. I just wanted to get going. We’d certainly spent enough time puzzling over the damn details.

Issue 15


Cherene Leong

Chang Er hunches over her desk working. The administration of the moon is no easy task and the goddess has only one employee to assist her. She has been petitioning for additional help, but each time the Queen Mother of the West –the highest goddess of nine supreme heavens,

Issue 15

A List

Matan Gold

Brett invites me over after school to grind his rail, which is of little consequence to me, since I can barely ollie straight; but sometimes I can heelflip, which makes me believe in improvement and wards off the stomach-eating-reality that skateboarding, for me, cannot be sustained,

Issue 15

A Greater Good

Andrew MacQuarrie

Jurgen was skeptical. Cautiously, he tugged on the line to make sure the grappling hook had found its hold. It had. Stable as the cable seemed, though, it proved difficult for Jurgen to identify how, specifically, hijacking a 19th century galleon stranded in the gelid black waters of the Arctic Ocean might help him find a sense of purpose.