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Nobody’s Daughter

In Essay Issue Five by Ronika Merl

You would be forgiven if you read “Nobody’s Daughter” as fiction. It is, however, an essay. Either way, the subject is difficult to absorb but absorb you must to feel the full impact.

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Protected by Defenses

In Essay Issue Five by Alice Tierney Prindiville-Porto

It is standard procedure that women shave the hair on their bodies in the name of femininity. Alice Tierney Prindiville-Porto explains how she deals with this practice and why: “My body is my stable ally, my only home, my ability to experience.”

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What I’m Really Like

In Essay Issue Five by Yalei Wang

The word “mean” connotes “cruel,” “nasty,” or “malicious,” but Yalei Wang proposes a different way of looking at the word, and doesn’t apologize for “living life without getting caught in the weeds of emotion.”

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Revolving Like Ixion

In Essay Issue Five by Eric Martin

An existential disquisition on the ultimate question: “Why are we here?” Doubting his teaching career, Martin returns to the novel Moby Dick to seek an answer to this perennial question. Perhaps in the end, it is unanswerable like “insight joined to silence.”

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When the Bubble Meets the Needle

In Essay Issue Five by Carter Vance

Carter Vance lays out a trenchant analysis of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential contest. He takes stock of his own position and concludes that the media must help to bring the opposing worlds “into conversation with each other.”