Announcing 46th Pushcart Prize Nominees

The Pushcart Prize is an annual American literary prize sponsored by the Pushcart Press, a publication considered to be “the most honored annual literary anthology in America.” Since 1976, the Pushcart Press has published thousands of writers and poets, and past winners of the prize, such as Andre Dubus, William H. Gass, Anne Carson, Mona Simpson, Junot Diaz, and Tim O’Brien, have earned early recognition of their work.

The Write Launch publishes professional and aspirational authors and poets, and the work in our literary magazine is of the finest quality. It is difficult to select only six entries among the many excellent pieces we have published in 2020, but for the second year in a row, we have nominated six pieces. Below is the list of work we have nominated for the 46th Pushcart Prize.

Henriette Rostrup (translated from Danish by Pia Møller), "The Final Chapter"

Jamila Gleason, "Politics of Distraction"

Brandon Daily, "The Disappeared"

Saskia Nislow, "Mouthbrood"

O. G. Rose, "Esperanza"

Alpheus Williams, "Triptych"